Scalp Massager Brush


Product Description:

Massage, exfoliate, and deep clean your scalp! Don’t injure your scalp with long nails when you can use our soft silicone brush to gently clean your scalp. The smooth bristles will massage and promote blood circulation to help reduce oil production and hair loss. Our brush is also great for foaming up a luxurious lather.



  • Deep cleansing to restore a healthy scalp
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Effectively removes dirt without hurting the scalp
  • Cleanse and massages the scalp at the same time
  • Comfortable and easy to grip with our anti-slip design, made to fit perfectly in your hand

Product Information

Colour: Brown

Material: Silicone

How To Use

Pour a suitable amount of our Oil Control Anti-Dandruff Cooling Shampoo and use the brush to gently massage your scalp until you form a rich, luxurious lather.

Continue massaging and slowly brushing through the hard-to-reach spots. Rinse off thoroughly.


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