Viim Bilios (VB) was founded in 2015 is a shampoo brand made using plant extracts that focuses on scalp oil control and anti-dandruff.

Originated from Malaysia, VB is 100% made locally in Malaysia and with a local professional Research and Development team. The Founder with more than 10 years of expertise and experience in scalp care, aiming to tackle scalp problem that is commonly faced by Southeast Asians caused by different factors such as hot climate and environment; has developed a hair product which is suitable for all Southeast Asians who suffer from scalp sensitivity and oily scalp problems.

In addition, the Viim Billios has also obtained various international certifications, allowing customers to be carefree while using it.

Currently, Viim Bilios has as many as 50 offline sales offices and will continue to expand to online sales platform in 2020.

Brand origin

The Founder of VB is a hairdresser with more than 10 years of experience. As it is difficult to discover a hair shampoo brand that specifically caters for Southeast Asia weather in the market, together with his professional team, he has developed a cooling and oil control anti-dandruff shampoo after years of research. Handpicked from the best core ingredients from the Italian patent formula, through cutting-edge equipment and technology, this oil control anti-dandruff shampoo was born!

Brand Concept

Adhering to the business philosophy of Integrating Into Life, the team designed a simple yet modern dark brown packaging, meant to fit into every corner of your home.

Our hair care treatment focuses on scalp, treatment and balancing. We do not follow the method of applying practiced by other mainstream products. For more than 5 years, we are committed to develop a product that is simple, effective, fast, and user-friendly. we firmly believe that the most appropriate method, namely cleansing-balancing-moisturizing, is the motto of VB products.

Very often when modern people face irritating conditions such as scalp allergy, itchiness, dandruff or oily scalp, it is because they had chosen shampoo that was not suitable for their scalp. Since the scalp is thinner and more sensitive than the facial skin, there are more sebaceous glands, and the amount of sebum secreted is more than twice that of the forehead. In addition, the cellular metabolism cycle of the scalp is only 14 to 21 days, and the aging speed is 6 times faster than that of facial skin.

Therefore, to really improve the hair quality, the scalp must first be treated right.

VB specifically targets redness, itchiness, excessive oil and dryness of the scalp which are all commonly caused by the scalp oil secretion imbalance which led to the development of this product that cares for the healthiness of the scalp; hoping that customers’ scalp will always be free of burden and be able to breathe freely!

“If you had not been able to find a suitable shampoo until now, Viim Bilios may be the answer you are looking for.””




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